Thursday, December 31, 2009

One year old!

My baby is 1! I can't believe it! This last year went by so quickly! It has been a great year with this little one!!
Just like her oldest sister, Natasha loves Elmo!! She gets so excited, whenever she sees him! I made an Elmo cake for her! So fun!

So, Natasha is such a joy! She started walking at about a week before she was 11 months. She tries to keep up with her siblings and loves to be right in between when they play.

She has 4 teeth and is working on two more!

She waves and says bye, bye! She says Fish ( which she loves to watch in the tank!) She says mama, dada and my dada. She also says book!

Here is my mom. Natasha's middle name is named after my moms. Natasha Lynne!

She LOVED the balloons!


The cake!!

Here is one of her new outfits from my friend Kelia! Doesn't she look cute!!

Well, Natasha, Mom, Dad, and your sisters and brother love you bunches! We feel blessed you are in our lives and that we get to have your sweet spirit in our family!! Happy Birthday Sweetie!!
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