Monday, January 11, 2010

Polar bears spend $??

Lilly came home on Friday and was all upset! She explains that they are learning about Polar Bears and by the year 2040 there will be no more. She says that it is because of cars and smoking. The image that popped into my head was a polar bear with a cigarette driving a car. Then she got out all her paper and made posters! Saying no smoking!
Please don't let polar bears smoke, it is bad for their health!
Today she came home and she says," Mom they are raising money for polar bears at school. Isn't that funny?" I asked her why and she says........."Polar Bears don't spend money!"
This was way funny to me. But come on, these are 1st graders. Do you need to start putting it in their heads about global warming. Seriously, I understand the need to teach our little ones about being respectful to nature and the environment, but to my knowledge this global warming thing is still yet to be solid proof!! I told my little one that she shouldn't worry her beautiful little head about it.
Why don't the teachers focus on teaching the children more about respecting others more. Today in society I see a huge lack of respect of adults and people in an authority role. Oh, but that is OK because they are teaching our children to be GREEN. I think this is so silly!
Look at how young kids are and the schools are already filling their heads with non-facts!
Anyways...please don't let your polar bear smoke or drive a car. He might just spend all his money on cigarettes and new wheels!!
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