Thursday, December 31, 2009

Didn't think it would happen...

Didn't think it would happen this year, but it did. Even if it was one day! The kids loved it. So, I was out doing my usual post office bank run and it started to snow!! The kids were so excited! Natasha kept gasping in awe. Her first look at snow! So, I had to go to the $ tree to get party decorations for Natasha's Birthday so I walked the kids down so they could catch snow flakes on their tongues!!

The kids begged me to go outside, but I am a party pooper and told them maybe when dad got home. So, dad got home and I helped him bundle up the kids. He is so good at going out and playing with them. Me I don't like the mess afterwards! But they had a great time! Even the baby!
They built a snowman
Samantha was spent!

All the kids gave the snowman a kiss, because they knew he was going to melt!

Come here snowman!

This one is cute, with her arm around him!

Dad and the gang!

Natasha loved it! What a great last night for a baby turning 1 the next day!!
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