Thursday, July 16, 2009

What have we been UP to?


Fourth of July parade! Every year our neighborhood does a parade for the fourth of July. All the kids in the neighborhood decorate their bikes, scooters and wagons for a parade lead by a truck blaring Fourth of July music. It is so much fun! After we all meet and have ice cream. This year it also included hot dogs, watermelon and ice cream. The kids love it! It was a little hot. It was in the 90's! We had a good time.

My kids took their scooters. Samantha didn't want to participate so she just rode in a stroller.

This last week Jon's oldest sister came into town to visit. So we had a jammed packed week. We went down to Oceanside, OR and to the Tillamook Cheese factory for the day. Where the kids and I enjoyed the bubble gum ice cream. The beach was perfect! It was warm, no wind, overcast and did I mention it was perfect. We had such a great time. I found a lot of cool rocks and shells. It was a blast!

This is my little niece. Isn't she cute?!!
Here are a few of the cousins as mermaids!

Natasha got tired after playing for a long time in the sand. She is nice and cozy with me.

She tried to eat the sand and I think that she liked it!

I took the tent we got from Target, it is for the sand and Samantha had fun in it!

I couldn't keep Natasha out of the sand!

It was a perfect day at the beach!

Jon was on his way to Silver Creek Falls for a hike with the older kids and his sister and brother-in-law. On the way to Mt. Angel he saw these beautiful fields of color. It was like a painting, just beautiful!!

Silver Creek Falls hike!

Here are the older cousins! They had a lot of fun! The kids did great for a 6 mile hike!

So, we have had a great few weeks. This week all the kids started to take a free ballet class for the summer! I will put pictures up in a few days. We are also doing our co-op Summer school! It has been fun. We are learning about Australia! I taught this week at my house and taught the kids about Aboriginal Australians. I found a great web site that had cool pictures and a great sound track for the didjeridu. There are some cool pictures of boomerangs also! I have learned a lot. Here is the link...if you are interested.

Aboriginal Australians

We are looking forward to more fun this summer!
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