Friday, July 3, 2009

Bee sting and water fights!

I love this picture because the water balloon is in the air Lilly doesn't look scared at all. In fact she is posing. It is just classic! He he he! :-0

Samantha is ready for fun, but she won't leave the deck!

Sam got a bee sting yesterday and her hand swelled up. Today it is bruised! I was a little worried because I have never seen a bee sting bruise!

Here are our balloons

Here are some fun pictures of the balloon fight!.

We are loving the heat! It is 96 today! Although our house is a little uncomfortable with no AC. I am glad that it feels like summer is here!
If anyone reading has ever seen a bee sting get black and blue like this. Please comment about it. It has me a little worried! Thanks!
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