Monday, June 1, 2009

May 2009 Beach Trip

We went to Seaside this weekend! It was so beautiful...we had an amazing time. The kids got sick just in time and coughed the whole time, keeping us up all night. Other than that it was so much fun. The kids loved it!
This picture Jon took and we always say Lilliana is like a model. She always poses and the pictures always turn out great!


Brigham thinking he would love a ride in this car!

Lilly and her modeling again!

Natasha and big sister!

Daddy and Samantha!

Brigham on the Carousel. He is on a reindeer!

Samantha on a horse.

Mommy and Natasha riding the carousel!

Lilliana on her sea horse.

Here we are at the aquarium. It was fun we fed the seals there and they splashed at us to get some little fish they were eating.

Giant octopus!

Brigham had no fear as he held the crabs!

Natasha's first time at the beach. She loved the sand. She would pick it up and watch as it went through her fingers. She was so cute!

It was really foggy in the middle of the day. We couldn't even see the ocean. It luckily went away that evening.

Mommy and Natasha

Swimming at the warm indoor pool at the hotel! It was way nice, I loved it! The kids had a blast!
We just got new swim suits at Old Navy! They were having a huge sale.

Natasha with daddy. It is her first time in a swimming pool. She loved it. She was almost falling asleep in it!

Tillamook Cheese factory! Fun, Fun, Fun!
The kids were fascinated by the utters on this cow.

We always have Brig hold Natasha because he is stronger than Lilly!

Samantha observing how her favorite cheese is made!
Sam chilling on the deck of the hotel room.

Lilly modeling on the deck and looking beautiful!

Brigham looking cool!

Going through tunnel at Oceanside Beach, in Oregon. It is so so beautiful!

We collected a lot of shells!

We enjoyed our very needed vacation to the Oregon Coast!
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