Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For the Birds!

Last week Samantha was in the car and we were in the parking lot. She sees a bunch of Crows eating what was left of someones lunch. Samantha asks, " Those Ducks?" I told her, " No, they are crows a different type of bird." Then there is a long pause, " Can we eat them?" Brigham says, " No, but we can eat chicken!"

As I was helping out by teaching my four year old co-op preschool last week, my wonderful husband took Samantha and our very obnoxious dog to grandma Larsen's house. Right now at their house they have a very large tree that has a lot of pollen that comes off of it. And for some awful reason it really stinks. Jon, told me that Samantha said, " DAD! Close the windows the trees keep farting!" Jon says that she has a nose like me. If I had one super power it would be my sense of smell! I think that over the years it has gotten a lot keener. It is funny that one of our children got this super power handed down to them. The other day she wanted one of us to lay down by her in her bed at bedtime. Jon had just gone running and I was feeding the baby. So, Jon went and laid down with Samantha. Jon starts to lay down with her and this very vocal 2 and 1/2 year old says, " Woo, Dad, you stink, go take a shower!" This was really funny to me. Yes, my super power, handed down!! Sometimes I wish that I didn't have this super power! It really drives me nuts! I will search the house top to bottom if the house has an unpleasant smell, to find the month old sippy cup with rotten milk under the kids bed! Yuck!!

So, Now on to my oldest that told me yesterday that I loved her and Samantha zero! Yeah...she just said that. I told myself that she is just mad. Her and Samantha were fighting on who was coloring in a certain coloring book! So, It was close to bedtime so, I sent them both to bed. They were both very upset at me. So, as Samantha is sticking her tongue out at me screaming and Lilly is telling me that I love them zero, I try to remind myself that they DO LOVE me and that KIDS need discipline. I put a smile on and tend to Brigham and Natasha. Whoever said parenting was easy? It is the hardest job ever! I keep thinking that this is nothing to the heartache that they could cause me when they are older. I think back at how mean I was to my poor mother. I feel so bad now about it. I don't know how a mother's heart doesn't just break into a thousand pieces when their children are so.....I don't even have a word to describe it. It reminds me of our lesson in Relief Society two weeks ago. I think that I will, I hope that I can, come to Heavenly Father when I need him in these times and ask for his guidance and help with raising strong ,respectful, loving, happy, successful children. So, sometimes, I think that my wonderful kids will turn out to be hellions but I am praying that with Heavenly Father's and my sweet husbands help we can raise good, faithful, loving children!

I can't believe that I am just rambling on, I am really tired. My obnoxious dog kept me up all night. Barking, scratching and wanting to go outside, ALL NIGHT!!! I was really mad. I can't believe that a dog can make my blood boil so much! We are seriously thinking of dropping him off at the pound. AHHH! Ok, enough for today!

Do you have any advice on raising kids today? And any suggestions on how to deal with a dog that is so obnoxious? Yes, I even prayed last night to have HIM give me strength not to kill the dog!! Thank you Heavenly Father, I didn't kill him, and I made it to the morning! Last night was FOR THE BIRDS!! IT WAS AWFUL!!

(Just a side note, I have never killed anything besides a few spiders, so I would never really kill the dog! Just in case you thought I wasn't kidding! :-))

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