Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just some new pictures!!

This picture is for you, Brig. See mom does put pictures of you in the blog!!
Lilly took this picture!

Brig took this one. Not bad for a 4 year old!!

Our dog...Jordan, see the black box on his collar. It is to kept us sane at our house. Otherwise, he sits at our window and barks ALL DAY!! He has found a way to do a very high pitched bark so the collar doesn't detect it. It is annoying too.

Daddy and his little princess!

He loves his kiddos!

I love my daddy, too!!

Our month old fish tank! I love the fish tank!!

We have it in Brigham's room because we had no where else to put it! Small house or too much clutter?? Or maybe both.

Fish! We have Rapunzel, Prince Phillip, Nemo, Cobra Commando, Snake eyes, and Nacho. We lost Shadow and Aura. They had a toilet burial.

After a long day! They didn't make it to their beds!

Our little princess, Lilly, looking cute as ever!

Here is our little Angel. Holding the remote and having the phone right next to her. Should we be worried about her future???

Love this sweet face...even with spit-up all over it!!

Doesn't she make you just smile?

Dad took all three older kids to the Father and kid camp out. They had a lot of fun!!

Brigham really missed his little sister when they were gone for a whole night. I think that Natasha missed him too!

Olivia trying to cool off on one of our first 85 Degree days. Our house doesn't have AC and it is really hot. Just wait till it gets in the 100's. Poor kitty doesn't know what hot weather is like. It is hard to believe that it was about a year ago we found her in our backyard stuck in a hole only 4 weeks old.

She is such a joy. We love her a lot. WE never thought of ourselves as cat people but I would take her over our dog any day!!!
That is it for now! Have a great day!!!

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