Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lilliana's First Day of School!

I was very proud of our little girl today! I can not believe that she is in school. It seems like yesterday that I brought her home from the hospital.

I actually did alright. I was really excited to have her go. She was really excited too. I started to cry as dad gave her a father's blessing. It was the first of many for the first day of schools we will have. He blessed her that she would not be afraid and that she would make friends. Also, the thing that made me cry was he blessed her that she would be protected and watched over by heavenly angels, and that she would be OK. This I think was more of a comfort to me! It was a beautiful blessing! I started to cry again as her bus pulled out of sight. Along with Brigham crying because he wanted his flip flops on and Samantha crying too. She was crying because she wanted to ride the bus and go to school. I am overwhelmed with feelings today! I was so excited to see her come home. Jon came home from work to see her get off the bus too. We waited all together with my little niece, Ava. Three buses went by before it was Lilly. It was funny how if we heard the bus we would jump off the front porch and say, "I hear a bus!" Sammy was I think the most excited! She would jump up and down and say, "Lilly coming, Lilly coming!" Then the bus would drive on by and she would say, "Where is Lilly?" It was really cute!

Lilly said school was fun but she had to sit next to a crying boy. She said that some boys were nice and some were not. I am not sure if she even noticed the girls. She sounded like she had a lot of fun. I am so proud of her. She has such confidence. I don't know if I had as much as her, but I pray that she will continue to have a high self esteem and grow and learn and stay a happy and smart girl! (You will have to forgive me I didn't get these pictures in the right order. I can not figure out how to move them.)

Lilly with the shirt that she really wanted dad and mom to buy her. She was really happy!

Big girl!
Daddy with his little girl!
Mom with My little Girl!
Lilly stepped onto the bus with no hesitation! Not scared at all!

Father's blessing on first day of School!
All ready!

Lilly likes to pose like a model. I am so proud of her!

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