Saturday, August 30, 2008

What if tomorrow didn't come?

Today I went to a funeral. One of my best friends from high schools brother passed away. He was like an older brother to me way back when. He only lived to be 32. It was touching to see how many people he had really touched in his life.
I came away with this thought, " What if tomorrow didn't come?" Are we telling each other that we love each other, and spending quality time together. Only our Heavenly Father knows when our last day is and we really need to try to live each day like it was our last!
I am so thankful for the comfort that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ give to me. I know that if one of my family members were to pass on that we would be together again! We will be a family again in the eternities, forever!
When I got home I went to Jon's Grandma's Birthday party. She is 88 today. Thinking that on this day I was saying goodbye to a 32 year old and congratulating an 88 year old on her day of her birth. Crazy how things work out!
I took the kids out after that and we went to the pet shop and saw Rosie the pig, who they love there. Then I took them out for ice cream. What if something were to happen tomorrow and one of them couldn't be with us again until the eternities? I really need to show them how much I love them and enjoy their company. They are all very special and I love them so much!
I also love my wonderful husband that really supports me and loves me.
Today, I realized how much I love and care about my family and friends.
To all of us, please live each day as if tomorrow won't come!
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