Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brigham's 4th Birthday!

Brigham had a great birthday! He decided he wanted to do an incredible Hulk theme but I couldn't find any plates or napkins with him on it. So, Brig settled for Cars. It was a relaxing day! Usually, Birthdays are really stressful for me, but because it was the weekend, I had Jon to help with everything!
Brig was so excited that for the whole week he told everyone it was his birthday! We asked him what he wanted to do...Go the Zoo, children's museum, Chuck-E-Cheeses. He chose Chuck-E-Cheeses. It was fun.
His cars cake. I wanted to do something easy. So, I bought a Cars car and used one he already had too. It was fun to do. He really liked it.
At Chuck-e-Cheeses. He really missed his cousins not being there, but we made the best of it and had a lot of fun. Riding rides and playing games!
Brig opening a wood train set that we got him from Ikea. It was a great deal! He loves it...thank goodness!
I can't believe he is now 4. They really do grow up really fast! I love our big, little man, Brigham! Happy Birthday, big boy!
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