Saturday, October 3, 2009

Update on Natasha

Her beautiful smile!! It brightens our day! It makes all of this worthwhile!
Natasha loves Fish! I think because of our little fish tank! I have gone into the bedroom with her and sat at the chair and her and I just look at the fish. It seems to calm her and me. At the Zoo...her favorite things...Fish and Sea lions!

I get so excited I just kick my feet!

Went Friday for Natasha's 9 month appointment! She was a trooper. She didn't even cry for her shot! She is 21 pounds 4 oz. and is in the 75% for height. She is right on target. She is waving bye and Hi. She says Dada, My Ma Ma, Fish and tries to say Nigh Nigh. She loves to pull hair and laugh. She gives a lot of open mouth kisses and is just a sweet baby! She is almost walking by herself, she has to hold on and push right now but she is practicing by not holding on to anything for a long time. One thing that Natasha does not like is when all her sisters and brother leave the house with Dad. She goes to the door and just cries! It is cute but oh so sad. I can just see her thinking why did they leave me, I want to go with them. She also hates to ride in the car if her siblings are not in there with her. She just loves them!

We talked about the hives and My Doctor still thinks that it was the peanut. So, I have been busy checking out all the food allergy web sites and when she turns 2 we will go to an allergist. For the meantime, I am keeping an Epi pen on hand. Just in case. We love you Tasha!! You are such a sweet baby!
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