Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Happily Ever After

My friend tagged me and asked me to share how Jon and I met! So, I am thankful that I am doing this. I don't think that I have ever wrote it down. I really love blogging just for the fact that I have a journal of all the things that happen in our crazy life. I wish that I had it 10 years ago. Also, It has made me look over our wedding pictures that have been sitting there for 9 years and 3 months. It seems like forever ago but at the same time feels like it was yesterday!
The story begins...I was attending Portland State University and was in my second year of Pre-Med when my life as I knew it would never be the same. I had just gotten out of a relationship that was very emotionally exhausting and I did not want to get into another serious relationship at this time. I had been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ for a little over a year and was still working on strengthening my testimony of the Gospel. I was attending the Institute of religion right next to PSU. For all my non-member friends it is a place where you can take religion classes as you attend your college. Most Colleges have them close to them. It also aids as a refuge from the worldly atmosphere of downtown Portland College life. I would come here and just relax, and socialize and I admit that I even sleep here between classes. This is where I met my sweetheart. I remember standing on the bottom floor and looking up as a class was coming out. I saw Jon and thought he was really cute! He was wearing a really weird hat, but it was OK. I asked Sister Mecham who he was and she said it was Jonathan Larsen. That was the first time I saw him. As I mentioned earlier I would often go into this room at the institute building and sleep. Well, Jonathan as I called him then, also was found in there taking up one of the couches trying to catch a little shut eye. Us college kids need a lot of sleep. I just got close to him one day and noticed he had a ring on his ring finger and I thought OK, " He is Married!" So, I didn't think much about him as a potential boyfriend. I was looking for a strong Mormon guy and someone that wanted to do their best at following the gospel....

So, I did marry him. Turns out that he wasn't married and the ring he was wearing was how they wore rings in Switzerland where he served his mission. It is the other hand that meant that they were married there.
We always talked as we met in the area where we were suppose to be getting a rest. We would talk a lot. I started talking to him and tell him about all of my troubles in life. ( As I now know, many people come to him for advice and to share their troubles) He was a wonderful listener and I really enjoyed talking to him. One day he was talking to another guy and started to give him his phone number and he took this opportunity to hand me his phone number because he was giving it out anyway!
So, that night I had a coin in my hand. I had another guy that had held my interest at institute also. I thought heads I will call Jonathan and tails I would call the other guy! So, Heads it was. I called Jon and it was a great conversation and he said that we should go out sometime and I said," How about tomorrow!"
He came to my door with a single red rose. It was so sweet. Remember, I didn't want a serious relationship and I thought I was safe with him because he didn't want one either because he just got home from his mission. Well, after that night, we both knew that we didn't want to date anyone else. I remember getting on my knees that night and asking Heavenly Father what had just happened? From then on we saw each other every day and had many things in common. He became my very best friend. We ended up getting engaged about a year in a half later. I know what took him so long when we knew from date one? He just kept saying that he wanted to be able to support me. He took me out to the Olive Garden and I was really sick with an awful cold. I didn't want to go out, but he threatened me that he would take out his friend Scott and not me. So, I said OK. After dinner, we went over to the Portland Temple and were walking around. I sat down by the fountain and he knelt down. I thought he was tying his shoe. He looked up at me and pulled out a ring, he picked out himself, and asked me to marry him. I just cried...and said yes! It was wonderful!
My first impressions of Jon was that he was amazing! He spoke German, was smart, kind, faithful to the gospel, cute, loved his family, loved to shop! He was really the most amazing man I had ever met. I also knew that he would never hurt me and would always be faithful. He is truly my best friend. I feel so blessed to have found him and now 9 year 3 months later our love is still strong and I think that he is even more handsome than the day I married him. I love him more each day and we have four beautiful children! He is still the most amazing man I know!

I ended up not finishing up the pre-med program and transferred to Portland Community College and got my Associates Degree as an Ophthalmic Technician. The next best thing to becoming an eye surgeon. Ophthalmic Technicians, assist the eye surgeons. So, who would have known that, that year my life would change that much. It has been a wonderful ride in this very happy ever after! I look forward to the days to come and what else that Heavenly Father has in store for our family!
(Thank you Melissa for tagging me)
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