Friday, April 17, 2009

Vacuums vs $ tree

Just a quick post. Our vacuum broke and we bought a new one at Costco. Lucky us! Not an expected purchase...but something very needed. We made a family trip of it. We went and had $1.50 hot dogs and a drink. I am paying for the hot dog tonight...didn't settle well. O'well,it was a fun trip.
Our conversation getting into the car was funny. Sam watching us put the vacuum in the car says, "Why are we getting a new vacuum?" I told her because the old one broke. Samantha agian,"Why?" Lilly says,"Sam...vacuums don't last forever...just like $ tree store toys!" We all laughed. Yes, that is right the dollar tree store toys just get opened and last for a few hours!! Seriously. Lilly got a little look alike Polly Pocket and had it out of the package for maybe 10 min and the head fell off, with no fixing it! One good thing a vacuum lasts longer than a few minutes!
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