Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and My Funny Funny Children

We had a wonderful Easter. On Saturday we went to Jon's sisters house and had an Easter egg hunt and dyed eggs. Then on Easter Sunday we had a wonderful Sacrament meeting. We then went to Jon's sisters again for dinner. It was a wonderful day to remember the Savior and to think that without HIM we wouldn't be able to be together again!



The children said some pretty funny stuff on Easter morning. Here they are...

Lilly comes to me and says:
Mom the people that are Satan's followers, Do they go to darkness?
Mom: Yes that is right, Lilly.
Lilly: The people that follow Jesus, go to the light right?
Mom: Yes, Lilly.
Lilly: Long pause...Well, Mom how would we SLEEP?

Brigham: (Walking out to the car for Church)
Mom, I thought Easter meant it was Spring. It is so cold, windy and rainy.
Lilly: It's like a tornado out here! Were cold!

Lilly: I don't like Chocolate! (As she is eating hands full of M&M's)
Dad: Lilly, those are all chocolate.
Lilly: No, I just taste the COLORS!

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