Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jack-o-Lantern Smiles and a Busy Week

This week has been a busy one. I was totally embarrassed by my dirty house. It is funny that we think that everyone else's houses are always immaculate. I do know that this is not true and no matter how many times the visitor says, don't worry about it, you still feel like you have been caught being not a perfect mother by not keeping the house clean. It was awful. Someone once told me that if someone just shows up at your house and it is messy, " Shame on them" for expecting it to be clean. Then if we know that they are coming and it is still a mess, well, Shame on me! Well, I did know that this lady was coming but I forgot. I have had this brain that doesn't remember anything lately. I even forgot to go to my dentist to get a few fillings filled...OOPs. I was thankful I forgot that one. I hate to admit it but I was coming into the house the other day and I got the kids in and I closed the front door and yes I forgot the baby on the front porch...luckily it was only for a few seconds, but wow, where has my mind gone? I have been thinking is four kids the limit for my brain? Am I losing it? Anyways...
Don't I look tired in these pictures. In these I feel like I need another arm. I am not sure how both girls fell asleep in my arms, but it was cute! I love to cuddle with them.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Samantha is completely potty trained. She has been doing great! She did it on her own. She decided that she would go potty on the toilet and wear big girl underwear in one day. Lucky me...she even takes herself...both #1 and #2. Yeah!!! We have only had two accidents in 2 weeks. I am very happy to only have one kiddo in diapers.
Here is our little sweetie! She is so cute!

Here are some pictures of our little model. She lost her fourth tooth. It is one of the big ones on top. She looks so cute. She is so excited! The one next to it is loose too. I know that some day when the kids are gone and I am an empty nester I will remember these times. I never thought that I would think that my child was so so cute with big gaps in there smile, a jack-o-lantern smile. :-) When I was little I had always dreamed of getting married and then having children. I never thought of them growing up. I have been sad when I think of how fast they are growing but I have to admit, it is a lot of fun to see Lilly going through some of the mile stone in life. Loosing your first teeth and starting school. I am hesitantly looking forward to more mile stones in her life, but I want them to come slowly. I still want them to be my babies for a long time.

One more thing that happened today. Samantha came out of the bathroom. Jon and I asked her if she washed her hands. She says, "Yes, in the toilet water." Jon and I couldn't believe that she washed her hands in the toilet. So we had to teach her that that water was dirty and you NEVER wash your hands in it. Isn't that gross? The other kids never did anything like that. She did know that she needed to wash her hands, but I am not sure what made her think to do that. I hope she never does that again.
I went on Friday to my continuing education for my Ophthalmic Technician Certification. It was at the Forrestry Center up by the Zoo. Jon took the kids for the day. I was really nervous...leaving Natasha for a whole day. It all worked out well. Jon took the kids to the zoo and brought Natasha to me at lunch so I could feed her. Then again at my next break. I learned a lot and reminded myself that I still LOVE the eyes. When the kids are all back in school, I look forward to assisting the eye surgeons again. I do miss it but I love being with my children.
Well, that is the update. Friends and family I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying life. Until later!!

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