Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sun Chips dog

Don't get caught with your hand in the cookie jar! or your head in a bag of Sun Chips! I found Jordan like this! He was caught...the bag was really stuck. With every breath the bag would wrinkle up and then blow up. It was too funny. I ran and got the camera and just watched as he struggled. I was so mean. I am happy to say he finally got it off... with my help. He has been a handful lately. He has figured out how to escape from the back yard and bug the neighbors. He also is such a big baby. He is 8 years old but he loves to be the center of attention and gets really jealous of the kids. I really do love our dog, I really do.........

Here is my little Natasha...she loves to sit here on the couch. I have been putting her here when I get Lilly ready for school. She just sits there thinking she is such a big girl. She loves to watch the cartoons... It is too funny that they start out so young. I love her smile! I have been really tired of all the colds lately, it has been one after another. I can't wait for the sun to come out!!

Samantha fell asleep in the car today holding the sticker that the dentist mailed her. I took the three older kids to the Dentist on Mon. It was fun. Lilly and Brig did great! Lilly says she likes the Dentist better than the other Doctors office because she doesn't get shots. Brigham just loves anything like this. He almost had his head in Lilly's mouth as the Doctor was examining her. The Dentist said, "It looks like Brigham wants to be a Dentist when he grows up!" was her first time to the Dentist and she was doing fine watching Brig and Lilly but as soon as it was her turn she started to freak out. She screamed so loud. I held her and just had the Dentist examine her teeth. Then I let her go and she started running to the door...screaming. She then went into the kid area and grabbed the rug on the floor and started to tear up the whole room...I wasn't sure how I would get her to calm down. Meanwhile...Brig and Lilly were finishing up with their appointments. The Dental Hygienist said for me to just go to Brig and Lilly and she went to try to calm Samantha down. Finally, I went back to check on Sam and she had the rug in her hands and wouldn't let it go...she was dragging it everywhere. This was weird...but they said she could. She said she wanted to take the rug home. OK...She ended up calming down and we got home without the rug! Glad that was over...I hope the next time it will not be so scary for her.
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