Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sweets during the holidays!


Lilly and I made a gingerbread house at school. This picture is out of order, because I just got it today from Lilly's teacher. We had a lot of fun. More pictures of the gingerbread house making after our sugar cookies pictures.

Sugar Cookies! Yummm!!!

Are we having fun yet! Flour everywhere!
Samantha liked to destroy the cookies, not make them. Too much fun to squish the cut outs together.

My partner in visiting teaching came to help out! I couldn't get Lilly to stop eating the dough and Brigham loved to hit the dough on the his shirt. Not very sanitary but they still tasted great! No one got sick....I hope!

Gingerbread houses at Lilly's kindergarten class!

Me helping out and setting up the supplies. I am looking huge! Am I having a baby?

The process of making the houses.

Lilly and her really good friend Grace. With there finished gingerbread houses.

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