Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Family Life!

Well, things have been going well! I can't believe that we only have 5 weeks until baby Natasha is here. Or less! I am hoping. This pregnancy has gone by really quickly. I don't even have the clothes pulled out yet. The kids are getting really excited. Today, I was week till Thanksgiving, then only 4 weeks until Christmas. Has this year just gone by, way too quickly?
Lilly is doing wonderful! She is having fun in kindergarten and is even reading a little. How amazing! She says that she knows how to read "the". She is standing beside me and wanted me to put that in the blog. She also says that she really loves, Aurora the Princess,in Sleeping Beauty. She also says she love Bell, and she loves to color, and loves her markers, and...she knows how to write, "can". OK, I told her that that was good.
Brig got his first real black eye this week. We had a family over for FHE and their oldest daughter is 7. She is a little rough when she plays. Lilly says she is afraid of her! :-) Brig and this girl were wrestling around and she pushed Brig into a chair. Now he has a great shiner. It looks like he is wearing purple eye shadow. Brigham is a very thick boy and to really hurt him...but I have to remember he is only 4. He is becoming a little know it all lately and Jon and I have been going crazy with reminding him he does not know everything. In some ways it is funny that he thinks he has the whole world figured out at only 4 years old.
Samantha...well, where do I even start with her. She is something! She rules the house. She is very bossy. We will be watching the news or a program and we will turn the channel for just a second and she says, "Hay!!" " I was watching that!" She tells us what she wants. We have been doing the potty training thing and she went #2 in the toilet at grandmas house. We told her to come here and she said, " Just a sec, I have to tell great grandma Shirley I went on the toilet", What a big sentence for a 2 year old. She is so funny. She loves playing swords with brother but love dress up with Lilly. Her favorite movie is Barbie Diamond Castle. She sings all the songs and has to dance to them too. That is what I am listening to right now, her singing.
Jon is doing well! He is working hard. We have the book that he finished," Be Thou One", it is being edited by a friend right now. We will see how that goes. We are doing fudges and candy that we are selling for Christmas! We are working on getting a Domestic kitchen license so that we can sell to others rather than just friends. This is what we are hoping for in this next year. Jon is still working on his book about the people in Berlin, Germany. It is getting closer, but it is a very intense book and it is hard for him to find the time to write. He usually need over four hours without interruptions to just get into it again. I use to go to my mom's for the weekend with the kids but since this pregnancy,I haven't gone. So, he hasn't written much on it. I try to give him Tuesdays. He works and doesn't come home but stays at his mom's house to write for most of the evening. Then he goes and plays Basketball late that evening. I am hoping that we can get this book done this next year. It is really something that Jon's heart is in and has been working really hard for. Kathlen the business is doing OK right now. It has been a hard year but somehow we are staying a float, barely. We are taken care of, that is all I can ask for.
I am OK. Just getting really uncomfortable lately with the baby. Heartburn is awful! I am counting the days until that is gone! Well, there is your not so brief summery of what is going on lately. I will next have pictures of Thanksgiving and Christmas! I wish all of you friends and family a happy Thanksgiving! Remember all the things you are blessed for and give thanks! Love, Cindy
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