Monday, August 25, 2008

Do kids listen?!

Jon and I have been having a hard week. Do kids listen? I feel like I am a CD on repeat all day long. "Put down the kitten, stop fighting, please pick up that toy for the fifth time." I know that with having kids comes all this. I am OK some days and can handle it but this last week was crazy. The kids where in many time outs and in big trouble most of the time. I have found that I love it when I put mom in time out and just calm down. I have a saying on my bathroom wall that says exactly how I feel.

Well...that is how I feel sometimes! Today is OK, for now. I watched my little niece Ava this morning and that always helps. It gives the kids someone to focus on that they do not fight with.

I know have to take our little kitten in to have her eyes checked out. I was bathing her every day, per what the technician told me at the Vet and giving her an oral anti fungal med. for ringworm. Now her eyes are clouding up and I think it is the soap that is burning her corneas. I feel really bad. I called the vet and he said, "Oh, you do not have to bath the kitten Evey day, anymore. Since she is on the oral medication!" It is nice that he told me that before. Now, I feel like I have blinded her for life. I hope not. I just have to think that If I had not found her in the backyard she would not have made it. Most of the strays born in the wild do not make it!

I just had to run upstairs because one of the kids clogged the toilet and water is going all over the floor. I turned off the water supply line and had to clean it up. NEVER A DULL MOMENT!

Until next time friends and family!

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