Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fourth of July 2013
This morning We found Nana our beautiful Bernese Mountain dog on the couch with this blanket...she is such a funny dog!
 For the Fourth we usually participate in the neighborhood parade.  Nana was more excited to join the parade than the kids this year. The parade goes through the neighborhood and all the kids, adults, and there dogs walk or ride their bikes/scooters. Following a Car with a very big speaker playing patriotic music.  It is a lot of fun and then at the end there is watermelon, ice cream, water and hot dogs.  It is a nice way to get to talk to the neighbors.
 After that we came home and I steam cleaned the front room. We then went to Jon's mom's house and had a barbeque. 
We lined up the chairs for the greatest firework, fountains.  Nana was really liking them and wanted to go get the ones that popped.  We had to keep her back.  She was really interested in them.
 Look at Nana's face!
 Here is Lilly and Sam. 
 The audience for the fountains!
 Four of my kiddos and I. Brig made his glasses look really big! Too funny!
 My too Babies!! They are just so cute!!
 Watch out kids!! Some of those are going to pop and get you!
Samantha playing with Izabella!
After the show we went home and got warmer clothes on and walked to Cooks Park.  We do this every year!  This year there was drama with Lilly and Brig.  They started to fight in the car ride home to change, before going to the park. Jon and I warned them that if we heard one more word that they were not going to the big firework show. Well they both decided to speak again.  So, we made a deal with them that they either stayed home or they do one big chore every day for the whole week. So we picked the chores and Brigham was ok with that but Lilly was not that excited.  She decided to be a stinker for the whole walk.  She was sulking the whole time.  Jon and I were saying that we have a tween on our hands.. She is only 10.  Lilly laid on the ground with her hands folded away from the family while we waited for the show.  Then while the show was going on the kids were saying that the fireworks made certain pictures and Lilly kept saying, " They look like Scorpions!" Really, Lilly, Scorpions?  That is the best you can do...Well her attitude was really terrible.  So Jon said that the next day she was going to be grounded the whole day....I took her aside and she blamed it on her brother.  I had to take a moment to explain to her that It is no ones fault but her own....She was making the choice to enjoy the night or to act the way she was. Wow!!! It is only going to get harder...I hope that these kids turn out OK.  Sometimes Jon and I think that we are doing something wrong.  We will see how she is in the next couple of years. 

Found Izabella last night asleep on the steps of the bunk bed. So cute! We thought maybe she might fall off so we had to move her! But not before taking pictures! :-)