Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Trip to Coast 2011

We were able to get away to the coast last week. Jon's sister Tammy came back with her family to visit. So, we wanted to do something fun with them. My mother bought a paint sprayer from us that we had never used and that gave us enough money to stay two nights at the Oregon Coast!

This picture is before we left. Izabella is 6 weeks old here and looks so tiny!

I had to take this picture because the kids looked so cute. Brigham cuddled up to Natasha and Samantha, loving her baby sister Izabella!

Here is Jon and Natasha sitting together in the hotel room! She was rocking in it just like dad. It was really cute!

Natasha and Izabella stayed with Jon and I in the hotel room and the rest of the kids stayed at a beach house with their cousins.

Look at them snuggling together, sleeping!

We had a room with a great view of the ocean....good thing since the weather was really stormy. We opened the window and could feed the seagulls. It was so windy that they didn't even have to fly, the wind just kept them right at our window as we fed them!

The kids had a great time feeding them and also going to the pool at the hotel!

Natasha with a water shooter for the pool!

We went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, thanks to Groupon. They had a great deal for families to go there. In this picture the kids are right in the middle of the piranhas.

Here they are in some undersea foliage.

My favorite, Sea horses. When I was little my mom had a salt water fish tank and these and the puffer fish were my favorite.

This one is cute of Sam!

These are Giant Japanese Spider Crabs!! They were huge!!! I mean HUGE!

The Jelly fish are really amazing to watch! They had all sorts of them!

The exhibits are just the right height for a two year old!

Natasha was so excited about seeing the fish!

Really cool coral!

The area where we were able to touch the sea urchins, sea cucumbers, anemones, and star fish!

Natasha was a little nervous and would just touch the water with one finger, while dad kept a tight grip on her!

All of us!

We walked to the Passages of the Deep area!

Brig looking at the fish on the floor!

Lilly and her favorite animal! Sharks! We spent a lot of time here and Lilly told us all the facts she knows! It was really cool! She really loves the sharks! Interesting child, she is!

Really cute picture of Lilly and Natasha!

Here Lilly, Brig and Natasha swimming with the fish!

More swimming!

All of us at the end of the Oregon Aquarium, while dad was getting the car!

They were a little tired! So, cute that Sam and Brig and Lilly cuddling in the back seat!

We did go on the beach once...because they were begging to get a seashell. So, the wind was crazy and the rain was sideways! Jon took them out on it for 5 min, then they were drenched from all sides and so cold! Then the kids understood why we were just looking at the coast on this trip!

We had a wonderful time! It was great to spend time with cousins and have a small little vacation!

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