Thursday, February 10, 2011


Lilly and Brig were playing on the Wii. They were playing a golf game...Lilly yells out, " I got a boogie!" I laughed so hard.

We are getting excited to have our little one with us. Although, I don't feel ready for this one. I have three weeks until she is here and I don't know where the whole pregnancy went. I do know that I am close because of how uncomfortable I am. I went to Target today, to buy odds and ends for her...I still need a baby book. If I do go into labor in the next week or two, we will be making a trip to Babies R Us on the way to the hospital. I need the book for her little footprints. We are going to name her Izabella Marie Larsen. I would like to call her Ella and the kids like either Bella or Izy. We will see what fits her personality. This pregnancy has been interesting. I don't know if she is just a really strong girl or if my belly is just weaker with her, but all her kicks and turns really hurt. I don't remember this from any of the others. She is just also very active.

We have been ok, here at the Larsen's. Life is busy, and unpredictable sometimes. Natasha has been taking herself to the bathroom. Yesterday, she went potty about every 15 min. This would be fine if she would put the clean pull-up, diaper, or undies back on, when they are not dirty yet, but she thinks that she needs to change every time she goes.

OK, well I am going to get the kids to bed now. Just thought I would drop a note.
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