Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My attempt at a photo shoot with Natasha!

(I accidentally deleted this one down below!)

I decided to save us a little money and not get Natasha's 9 month pictures taken. So, I attempted to take her pictures myself. She is not 9 months anymore. She is 11 months and she started walking at about 10.5 months. Crazy (I know), but she has wanted to keep up with her siblings from day one. So this is how they turned out.

Taking pictures of a moving target is not easy... especially when the moving target comes straight at you!



So, I ended up with some group shots. My kids love their pictures taken and they were already dressed up for church.

Lilly choking her sister!

Do you remember when your parents lined you up like this for photos! I do, If only they were as nice to each other as they look in this picture.

And there goes Natasha...again!

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