Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Lilly is now a 1st grader!! She was so excited this morning! Even at 7am. I thought that it would be tough to get her to wake up but her excitement took over. From the moment she was woke up she was a none stop chatter box. It was so cute! The difference from last year till now. Last year it was hugs and kisses before stepping onto the bus, today it was a run onto the bus and a, " Bye!!" followed by a wave. She had a great day but forgot her backpack on the bus. She said that she met some new friends and saw her friends from last year! She loved the 2 recesses. I have to admit it was a little hard for me. She was gone all day...and she will be every weekday. My first baby, is growing up!! I am excited for her but also wish she could have stayed a little younger for a little longer!

Last night the kids had a dance recital at the church. A lady offered free dance lessons for the summer. All the kids started it but Sam dropped out! Brig did a great job and so did Lilly!
Lilly put on big girl make-up!

Brig and his bow!

Good job kids!! It was a lot of fun!!
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