Saturday, June 27, 2009

Utah Road Trip Summer 2009

Here are a lot of photos of our trip to Utah. I thought that we were going to the hot, warm, bright sunshine, but we didn't get that. We got one day of good weather and the rest it rained with thunderstorms! Utah's thunderstorms are pretty impressive. I didn't mind it to much. The main thing I wanted on this trip was for the kids to see all of their cousins that lived here and to just have a little fun with our family!
Beautiful wild flowers on top of the Conference Center, downtown Salt Lake City. Temple Square.
The road trip went well! We had 13 hours in the car. We stopped for dinner and then put pajamas on the kids and we hoped that they would sleep. After one hour of the baby crying I just decided to hop in the back with the kids and help Natasha. That helped.

We took our dog, Jordan, and we ended up giving him to Aunt Jan and Uncle Jack. We know he will be happier with them. He is the only baby now and that is what Jordan wanted. He has always been jealous of the kids. It was a bitter sweet goodbye to my first baby.

Jon saying goodbye!

Lilly saying goodbye. She has known him the longest out of the kids. She was o.k. with it!
Now into Cabella's and have some fun!

So, much fun Samantha can't stand it. This picture is taken after her cousin told her to go jump on the bed that is in the back of the picture. Aunt Debby found her jumping really high on the bed and having a blast! Cousins...what would you do without them.
Cousin Paige holding Natasha.
Aunt Debby holding Natasha.

Brigham at the shooting gallery at Cabella's. This was a lot of fun. I loved it too.
Daddy and Lilly posing in front of all the dead stuffed animals. This is a little creepy!

This is the day that we got into Utah and we were out and about. Lilly and Brigham didn't sleep much that night before and these next two pictures are them out cold using their cousin, Brooke's ("Cookie" is what we call her)shoulder.

That night we went to Jon's sister's house for dinner. Here is his sister Debby and Natasha.

Lilly and her cousin Ashley. These two are only 10 days apart in age.

Samantha being a little bit grumpy, and not wanting to look up at me for the picture. It turned out cute anyway!

Completely opposite. Lilly poses in the doorway of the play house outside of Jon's sister Beth's backyard.

Aunt Beth making Natasha smile!

Brig was trying to wake-up from his nap. See what no sleep in a 4 year old does. He was not a happy camper.

The next day we went to Temple square. It was a lot of fun. The kids liked the huge statue of Christ!

On top of the conference center. This is the only day that it was hot and beautiful,all day!!


Our family with the Salt Lake Temple in the background.

More cousins!

Lilly and Brig loved all the streams of water on the top of the building!

Back to Aunt Debby's house for a BBQ. My Sister and her family came up and we had a wonderful time. Her four kids are getting older!

Here is my sister, Candie, holding Natasha for the first time!

Candie's only little Girl!

Briton, my nephew, isn't he cute!?

Here is her other two. T.J. and Adrian. I can't believe how fast they grow!

Here we are. We sure do look a lot alike even know we are half sisters! It is crazy. I feel like she is my full sister! I love you Candie!!

Here she is with her wonderful husband, Torry! He is a great man. Glad that I was able to get to see you both!!

We had a dress up party with the cousins that night! Brigham looking so cool!

Not sure if they were going for the punk look or the just plain weird!

Here is Joseph pretending he just got out of the movie, "Nacho Liebre" Too funny!

James and his stretchy pants. NACHO!!!

We were laughing so hard!! Love this picture! If you have seen the movie you are probably laughing right now!!

Brig's attempt with a wig on! Nacho!!

At Jon's sister's house they have a LOT of Humming birds. I took this while it was right next to me. Cool!!!

It was a lot of fun just sitting on her deck and having the hummingbirds buzz by. Brig loved it the most!

We had a lot of fun! The trip back was a long one but we did make it! Jon and I had to keep switching who was driving so that we wouldn't fall asleep. I think that the funnist thing that happened on our way home was that we stopped in a little city called BLISS. We got some soft serve icecream. They made these cones so big. They were fat! Meaning that they were hanging off the sides and you had to lick the sides fast so that it didn't drip everwhere. Lilly was really tired and I looked back at her and she was crying. I asked her why she was crying and she said that Brigham hurt her feelings. I asked what he had said and she said," Brigham said my ice cream cone was fat!!" I had to turn around because I started to laugh. Lilly was really serious so I had to explain that it wasn't a bad thing. I told her that getting a fat ice cream cone was a great thing because you get more ice cream!!
We had a great time and now no more vacations for us! Or maybe a short day trip to the coast! I am done with long drives for a long time! I am glad I am home!!

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