Monday, May 11, 2009

I Feel My Saviors Love

We had Family Home Evening tonight. It was fun, We didn't cook dinner we actually went out to eat. We haven't been out to eat in a LONG time, with all the kids too. The kids were really good. We went to Applebees. It was a great dinner, with no dishes to do. The kids said some funny things. This is how the conversations went:

Lilly:It sure is nice that these people do all this for free.

Mom: No, Lilly it is not free, we have to pay for our meal. Lilly, see the waiter who served us, they get paid. This is their job. They get paid for serving us.


I Think that it is really neat that Lilly knows that Jesus loves her, but I think that it is even more special to know that she knows that Jesus also loves each and every one of us. I am sure that she feels her Saviors Love. I hope that she will always remember how much he does love her... and all the people around her.

Then a few seconds later, Samantha is looking at her Cheeseburger. Looking at her cheeseburger she says, " HERE WE GO!" Then she takes a big bite after dunking it into her ketchup.

For the rest of the Family Home Evening we drove to the Portland Temple. We were not going to get out of the car because it was really windy and a little bit chilly. So, we stopped the car and talked about the temple and why we need them. It was cool!

It was funny because when we stopped the car Samantha says as she is reaching for her seat belt, "BUCKLE OUT!" This was too cute.

I couldn't stand it just sitting there in the car, so we ended up getting out and walking around just for a little bit.
I couldn't help but think...This IS what it is all about...the eternal family. This is MY happiness, My Family. Walking around the temple, makes me imagine how I can't wait til the Savior comes again and our family will be together forever! This is... HIS plan, the family is so important! This Family Home Evening was a great reminder for me.
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