Thursday, February 26, 2009

A little bit of Gross

If you get grossed out easily you might want to skip this posting. Just a warning.

Well, these last few weeks our household has had the awful stomach bug, one at a time, then right after that the kids got a horrible cold with a really bad cough and runny nose. We had one trip to the ER with Samantha to get IV fluids. She was so sick that she just laid there while they put the IV in her arm. It was really sad. I knew she was better after about a half hour on the fluids and anti-nausea meds, she started asking what everything was. After telling her what things were she would say the famous two year old phrase,"Why?" It is cute until no response from you makes them stop asking,"why?"
I have been puked on, I have been "the" Kleenex for the kids and I have had to dry off after getting out of the shower with a hand towel because all the towels were dirty because of throw up and because of my little cute baby that spits up A LOT. I have know started to burp her after eating over the sink.

Oh, yes kids are so Innocent and cute...even when they are sick. This blog actually is about Samantha and our last conversation. This is how it went;

Mom: Don't kiss the baby Samantha, you have snot all over your face.
Sam: I like my snot, mom. (Saying this so matter-of-factly)
Sam: Do you like your snot, Mom?
Mom: No, I think it is pretty gross. I like to blow my nose in a Kleenex and then put it in the garbage.
Sam: Why? (long Pause) I like what my snot tastes like.
(while she is licking the snot running out of her nose)

I do just love how honest little ones are. Even though this IS gross it was really cute. Only a mother could think that their two year old is cute even while eating their own snot.
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