Monday, December 22, 2008


It is still snowing! I do not remember ever having this much snow here. It is really beautiful! I am feeling a little couped up. I don't want to go out in it because I am afraid of falling with the baby and I will not drive in this either. Yes, I have to admit that I have not learned to drive in the snow. It really freaks me out!
We have about 15 inches. The largest snow fall since 1968, way before I was born.
I am done with it...I am starting to stress out because I really want to go into labor but I am worried that we might not make it into the hospital! Oh, I do have an induction date set for Dec. 30th. So, I only have to wait another 8 days. I am so excited!!!
Well, I will leave you with our beautiful pictures of our Arctic Blast. That is what the news is saying. It is always funny how they call each little storm some crazy name. So, here is our Arctic Blast! LOL

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