Monday, December 29, 2008

Sharing our Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas! We shared the Christmas Story with the kids and on Christmas eve they got to open one present. It is always a new pair of pajamas. They thankfully loved them. It is our tradition to go to Chinese food on Christmas eve night with all of Jon's family. We got there safely despite the bad slushy weather. Unfortunately, Jon's sister lives in Newberg and couldn't get her huge van out to take her Nine, yes, Nine kids out. My kids were pretty sad that their cousins couldn't come. Thankfully, on Christmas day their neighbor helped to plow and dig them out so that they could share Christmas dinner at Grandmas house with us. The kids were very happy to get to see and play with there cousins Christmas night. Here are a few pictures of our Christmas morning here at our house.

The kids were upset that mom wanted to take a shower before they went downstairs...but they did it. :-)
Lilly is a little excited!!

Stockings from Santa!!!

The one thing that Lilly asked Santa for...was an umbrella. We could have stopped here, she was happy, that's all she wanted.

I think Lilly is happy!

We got each kid one big present. Lilly and Sam shared this one. We got a really great deal on a 20" TV. Sam can't fall asleep without the TV on for some reason. So, we thought that if we put the TV in their room just for movies, she might fall asleep in her own bed. It has been working!!! We are happy about that one! :-)
( We asked Lilly what she thought this was when it was wrapped. She guessed a huge umbrella. Then, we told her that it was something for her room and she said, " A Vacuum" We laughed so hard!!!)

Brigham opening his big Present! All he wanted was a dinosaur. He wanted one of those really expensive remote dinosaurs and Yeah, we couldn't get that. So, Target had this one on sale for $30. Jon went to get it and he couldn't find it. It had been sold out. Then he was just looking around and in another section of Target he found one just sitting there in the middle of the isle. It was meant to be!!

It works pretty well, but it turns left when you push right and goes right when you push left. That's why it is not one of those that are over a 100 dollars! He still loves it!!!!

Sam just wanted a baby doll. We got her one that came with a stroller and a diaper bag. She loves it and she calls her Natasha.

So, there was our Christmas!! We are still awaiting the arrival of Natasha. We kept telling the kids that she was coming around Christmas time and on Christmas morning Samantha asked if Natasha was coming today. I had to try to explain that she wasn't.
I have been pretty uncomfortable lately. At 37 weeks I went into false labor and I was having contractions every 3 min. and I went in and got checked out. I was dilated to a 2 and 75% effaced, but I walked around for about 2 hours and I had no more changes, even though contractions were still every 3 min. So, the nurses said that they couldn't help it along because it would be just a little too early. So, I was sent home with a medication that relaxed me and made me sleep. Which stopped the contractions all together. Since then I have been really uncomfortable and still waiting. We are being induced tomorrow! So, Natasha will be born on Dec. 30th. We are really excited. It has been a really long 3 weeks. It is all worth it...Healthy baby, I am praying.
One more really funny thing that Samantha said yesterday! She looked out the window and said yep, the snow is gone, " It must be my birthday!!" I don't know where she came up with that one, but it was pretty funny. Since her Birthday is in July! :-)
The next pictures will be of the baby!!
Take care all and I hope that all of your Christmas' and New years are full of love and good memories.
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