Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Natasha update!

I am no longer on bed rest!!! I hope it stays that way until she is here. I feel much better! Thank you everyone for the help and the support! I am just suppose to pay attention to my body and if I start to cramp or spot again then I have to go back down but as I said I have been feeling pretty great!

When I had to go on bed rest I was doing a lot. I was trying to be supermom. I was teaching Brig's preschool and having it at our house. Helping to take care of Jon's Great Grandma who had fallen again and couldn't get out of bed. I was working on my talk that I was going to do in sacrament at church. I was also helping the missionaries teach an investigator every week. Helping my sister by taking her little girl over night for a few times a week while she worked nights and watching my friends beautiful little one every Tuesday. Plus, still doing everyday things with the business and kids. My doctor said that I only get one chance to have Natasha and give her the best chance for a healthy life. That really made me think...and he said that everything else is everyday stuff. I needed to pick my poisons. So, after two weeks of being down...which wasn't easy. I have been cleared to "do what I can do". I have been much more aware of not overdoing it and asking for help when I need it!

Again, thank you to all that were thinking of the baby and I and helping out!
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