Friday, October 17, 2008

Update on Natasha

I am on bed rest...for just awhile, I am hoping. I guess that I have been doing a little too much! It is really hard to just sit around when everyone around me is working. I almost feel guilty in some way. I am hoping that I can go back to doing normal things in a couple more days. Jon is wonderful and helps out a lot. My mother-in-law also helps out too. My mother came over and spent the night with her little 4 month old son. It was really nice to have her here and visit. She helped out with the kids a lot too.
Brigham today looked at my bellybutton, which is starting to protrude out more. He can now see the little stub like thing in the middle of my bellybutton and he is convinced it is the babies finger. I keep telling him that it is just my bellybutton but he won't take my word for it. Another funny that Brig said; my mom was making breakfast and she was making English Muffins and Brigham wanted to try one. He told my mom that he had never tried English Mushrooms before! My mom is still laughing about that one.
Last night Jon and went to Lilly's fist parent teacher conference. She is doing really well in school. Mrs. Deuel showed us a picture that Lilly drew. She said it made her laugh. It was a picture of Lilly's bedroom and on the top of her bunk bed was Lilly in bed, puking into a bowl. I laughed so hard. I always stress to the kids when they get sick that they have to puke in the big bowl. I just don't want to clean up carpets and have tons of towels to wash full of puke. Yuck! I guess that Lilly really has that ingrained in her head. It was really funny to see that picture. Lilly is really into art and her teacher said that she has never seen a kindergartner draw in such detail as she does. We are really proud of her. She loves to draw...definitely one of her talents!
Well, after trying to get out of bed last night and go to the conference I started to cramp again. So, I am back to bed. Maybe a few more days!
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