Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I fell into the cupcake!

Recently we have been trying to get Brig our almost 4 year old to not lie. It started today in the car when sister Samantha was sleeping in her car seat and Brig unbuckled her set belt.
I asked him who did it and he said she woke up and did it herself. After, asking many times and saying that Samantha was in the same position as she had been for 20 minutes...he finally told the truth that he did it. His punishment was that he got no treats for the rest of the day for lying.
Later, Dad was watching him and he came into the office with cupcake all over his face. Jon asked him what was on his face. The first lie was that he said it was a piece of his sandwich. Jon asked again. This time it was that his sister gave him chips. Jon asked again. This time Brig said, "I fell into the cupcake!" Then finally, Jon asked again and he told the truth.
We thought that this was really funny but he still got into trouble. He had to spend the rest of the night in his room for lying again.
I fell into the cupcake! LOL Kids say the funniest things.
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